O'Brien KYC is making it
easier to do business with African
companies and individuals

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Under this arrangement, we carry out Physical Address Verification and/or Document Collection on behalf of our clients. This includes: Address Verification, Document Verification, Employee Verification

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Under this category of our services, we carry out clients trust to handle an end-to-end KYC process for them. This include: Partial or Full Out-sourcing, Out-sourced Vendor Management Solution and O'Brien KYC Number

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Within the public sector, we assist government institutions with the identification requirements various respective sectors.
This may include social protection initiatives, ticketing and fines etc.

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O'Brienkyc is making it easier
to do business with African
companies and individuals

O'Brienkyc is a full-fledged KYC outsourcing firm with strong customer
identification and verification capabilities. Our goal is to improve transparency in business transactions with customers by carrying out background checks
and due diligence on corporate entities as well as individuals across Africa



We are honest and trustful; delivering on our promise of thoroughness; professionalism with utmost good faith to our clients.


We are equipped with the skills, knowledge and ability that ensures us effectively exceed our customers expectations..


We account for our activities,deliver our promises and accept our responsibilities. We are transparent in all our dealings in line..

Why Outsource Kyc to O'Brien

For many buisnesses, the customer identification and verification obligations can be logistically challenging, costly and burdensome. Choosing outsourcing agents will clearly reduce risk - Baker & McKenzie(AML Magazine)

  Independent and objective view of our client's customer - in house personnel are often focused on         core operations.
 Trusted partner to help ensure our clients keep up with ever changing KYC requirements while         forcusing on your core business activities.
  Significant investment in relevant technology and risk management measures required to deliver          value.
  Right blend of experience and pocket friendly pricing.
 Trained, dedicated and well informed professionals with superior ability to deliver.
   Customized service delivery with effective project and time management.

Key Benefits of Obtaining an O'Brien Certificate

Financial Planning

An independent and objective report on your business that enhances your business' credibility and confidence with business partners.

Supplier Registration

Useful for supplier registration, credit applications and international trade documentations.

Trade References and businesses

Trade references and business opportunities.

Key Team Members Combining World Class
Expertise and Experience with Top Tiers Talent